Discover the Power of La Qi

The Power of La Qi

Living a healthy, balanced and harmonious life.

Healthy people truly follow the natural and conscious principles of the uni- verse to live and transform their lives. They adapt to the evolution and regen-eration of the world. It grow with the universal changes. They open their heart and mind to go with the flow.

There are three areas where we can be out of balance:

1. Disharmony to other human beings
2. Our true self-awareness relating to our own heart and mind can be distorted
3. Our true self- awareness with nature is out of balance

With La Qi we create balance and harmony, within ourselves, with our life intentions, nature and other people. From the perspective of Qigong medicine, every kind of disease and/or discomfort originates from disorganized Qi in the body.

The Power of La Qi has two disorders in physical disharmony:

The Qi is blocked in the body or it is not sufficient and available in abundance. There- fore, to promote a healthy body, one must learn how to let the Qi and blood flow freely and abundantly
in the body. According to Chinese medicine, the Qi circulates as life energy through energy channels re- ferred to as meridians. Qigong masters and student have been working with this knowledge for thousands of years, scientists in the West succeeded to demon- strate the structure of meridians on the body surface only in 2005.

Training in Zhineng Qigong, a highly effective form of Asian meditative movement. The Qi known to re-organized in the body which may dissolve diseases. The slow, meditative movements of Qigong, syn- chronized with visualizations and positive affirmations of health and life intentions, strengthen our Qi and our bodily functions to promote sufficient Qi and blood flow throughout the body.

The founder of Zhineng Qigong, Dr Pang Ming say “Our consciousness is refined within a state of our energy in our body improves”. This leads to vibrant health, new vitality, a harmonious body and mind and a keener life.”
Zhineng (Wisdom) Qigong takes into account that by being healthy from within, we are healthy on the outside and not the other way around. This may direct their focus more to the outside